Thursday, May 08, 2008

5 Strange Things About Me

Well what a wonderful chance for me to reblogging again. Mr. Ryan or as I call him Laxmi "R. K." Narayan (in recognition of his flair for writing), has tagged me, a line passed on from Sundar Raman and Vidhya so now it is my turn.

It is always difficult to jot out one's own idiosyncrasies, but I have been given the baton of humanity's quest for strangeness, and so here you go, some of my most quirky features:

1. I have this weird phobia (may i call it safe-o-phobia) to check and recheck if my door is locked properly whenever I go out. I have lost track of the number of times I hang off the door latch, pull on the door latch or bang on the door to make sure it is absolutely locked., but once I get into the car I always have this doubt if i really did lock the door properly. How much does that measure on the weirdness scale

2. I have a maniacal urge to clean my car, always on a Saturday, without fail, every Saturday. Freaky!!

3. I just love talking to myself. Wait till you see me in one of those situations, not even the Joker (of Batman fame) could be crazier than me

4. I am addicted to mints, ( huuuh!!...addicted to mints...what the...yeah i know)

5. Ohh yeah almost forgot, the most quirkiest, I like to name my personal items, like my car (rasiga), my laptop (shradha), even the plants on my desk (Katrina and Tom).

So there ends my saga of quirkiness, passing on the baton to Sasisekar, and my brother Abhay 'Weirdo' Ravichandran hoping they will continue the run and pass it on.

Well of course this blog being a photo blog and all, got to put up one of my art works, so here it is

And a small photography tip: Sometimes focusing on an object nearby while blurring out things in the background (this is called shallow depth of field) can produce an incredible effect, such images can be effectively produced by using zoom lens as opposed to wide angle lens.


Abhax said...

hey .... your the wierdo ... not me.... oh my god you CRAZIER than i thought .. I am ashamed to be your brother.. How many more people know this about you ..

Abhax said...

hehehe ... nice blog.. but your stil WEIRD got it