Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Mushroom Family

( This is a photograph of a mushroom family taken at the Blue Bonnet Swamp in Baton Rouge)

Photography as such is not a talent but rather a simple application of luck, logic, procedure and foresight in taking images with the right composition and detail. Of course for everything else there is Photoshop. No, seriously, most of the work in photography is about composition and oppurtunity.
Some rules that I follow in taking photographs (i myself am a beginner so dont go completely by what i say):
- know everthing about your camera, including all it's settings
- explore your camera, break away from the mold and try something different, hang upside down on a tree if you have to.
- f/stop, shutter speed and the light meter are your favourite friends
- Timing is everything. Dusk and dawn are the epicenters of perfect time for photography. As you go towards noon, your photo starts to look more and more ordinary. Of course this is true for nature photogaphy mostly .
- Use ISO levels effectively.
- Keep the knowledge flowing in and out.

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Lakshminarayan said...

Awesome pic this one AJ. But is this ur copyright.